Your Christmas Gift

In just a few days, we will be asked over and over, “What did you get for Christmas?” For believers, a better question might be, “What did you give for Christmas?” Christmas should be a celebration of God giving His Son as His gift to the world, to be our Savior! And, He wants to continue giving this “Gift” to others. Continue reading

CRM Wishlist for 2018

For several weeks, members of my family have been asking me to post things on a “wish list.” So, I did a little shopping and put in a number of items of varying prices. As the items were purchased, they began to disappear from my wish list. I began to think about a CRM wish list of some of the more urgent ministry and missions needs we have coming up in 2018. Continue reading

Check Out Our New Website

CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE We have updated everything! CALVARY ROAD MINISTRIES CALVARY ROAD MINISTRIES: A partnership of churches around the nation using chronological Bible stories to reach people around the world We urge you to explore all of the tabs. You will be amazed over what God is… Continue reading

2016 Mission Schedule

Tentative Mission Schedule for 2016 January 7 – Jan 23 India Vision Trip (Central Baptist Church, NM, NC) January 20 – Feb 4 Kenya Men’s Camp Team #1 (Sevier Heights Baptist Church, TN) February 18 – March 3 Kenya Construction Team (Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church, TN) June 16 – June 27 Kenya Teachers/Cow… Continue reading