Missions Ministries


A partnership of churches around the nation working together to make disciples of people around the world using chronological Bible stories on Story Cloths (See “About Us” tab.)



Through the partnership, CRM prints “Story Cloths” with chronological Bible stories and trains volunteer teams to use them in evangelism and to teach people in different cultures to use them.


These teams are able to work areas deep in the bush. As a result, over 46,000 Maasai have been reached and 140 churches were started. The Bush Camping Mission includes a co-ed team and has concentrated on remote areas in Kenya using Story Cloth 1 to do evangelism. In 2017, one team has worked in Kenya and the other will begin working in Tanzania. We use resources in Kenya and Tanzania who provide individual tents, cots, sleeping bags, vehicles, supplies, cooks, guides, and interpreters. The plan is to expand the camping ministry in Tanzania in 2018.


With so many coming to Christ, there is an increasing demand for discipleship. CRM provides resources to leaders for returning to areas where the camping teams worked. These leaders have been trained in mentoring using the book, Disciple Shift by Jim Putman and Bobby Harrington, (Zondervan, 2013). They work through relationships to develop small groups that, hopefully, become churches. Our Discipleship Teams include a co-ed camping team.


This has become one of the highest priorities of CRM. We accomplish this through workshops, some of which are held in remote training centers in the bush, while others utilize conference facilities in hotels and churches in Kenya, Zambia, and India. The workshops teach the use of Chronological Bible Stories in Evangelism and Discipleship, but also include Pastoral training, Deacon/Leadership training, and Pastor-Pastor Wife workshops. Leaders are equipped to teach the material to others and given the resources to do so, as donations allow.


This mission focuses largely on building churches and training facilities in Kenya. There have been numerous churches and several training facilities built by this team. We average one mission per year during which 3 churches can be built, or one training center.


God has opened the opportunity in Zambia and Kenya to train teachers to use the stories to teach the Bible in their schools and to assist in teaching vocabulary, math, and science. Over 300 teachers have been trained and equipped to train other teachers. Story Cloths and teaching materials are supplied through donations to CRM.


Leaders from the Navajo, Pueblo, and Apache Indian tribes in New Mexico have been trained to use the stories in Evangelism and Discipleship. CRM has also received an invitation to work in the Washington State/Oregon areas. There is great excitement about the use of chronological Bible stories in the ministries with Native Americans. Therefore, we see an ever-growing demand for training teams to respond.


As a result of training so many teams to go around the world, churches have discovered how chronological Bible Stories can be used in America for adult home studies, small groups, nursing homes, and children and youth ministries.

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