1st Quarter 2018 Update


“A partnership of churches around the nation using chronological Bible stories to reach people around the world”

Praising God for those who go and for those who give so that others can go.
1st Quarter, 2018 Update

To those following Jesus, He said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” (Matthew 28:19-NASB). One of the greatest indications that someone is following Jesus is when His followers are sharing the gospel with the nations and making disciples of those who come to faith. That is exactly what is taking place through the ministries of Calvary Road.

This year started with over 20 couples in Tanzania and Kenya participating in Leader Development seminars in early January, where they were equipped with Biblical teaching and training for their ministries. While we were in Kenya, we met with educational leaders who invited us to come and train up to 100 of their teachers to use chronological Bible stories in their classrooms. We will be taking a team to do this in June.

January 24-February 8, God worked through a five-man camping team from Tennessee in amazing ways. They not only travelled from this nation to the nation of Kenya, but once there, they joined leaders from Kenya and went deep into the bush to share the gospel with many people.


From their base camp, they went by foot and by vehicle to where the people were. They presented the stories on the Story Cloth to people under trees and near their homes in the bush.


The camp team was also given opportunities to share the stories children in their schools, and in their market places. As a result, 1,834 people came to Christ! Like the disciples of Jesus came back rejoicing over going where Jesus sent them to share the good news, the members of the camping team were rejoicing at the end of their mission.

January 10-24, David Crane was also in Kenya working with refugees in the Kakuma camp located in the extreme NW corner of the country. The camp is home to thousands of refugees who fled the conflicts in S. Sudan. David was able to meet with a number of pastors and leaders to prepare for teams coming in April. He was able to model using the Story Cloths in evangelism, and especially in discipleship. Working with the leadership, they made plans to construct a local Bible School and were even able to locate a plot of land and a builder. Through CRM, David has already sent the money for the materials to begin construction. Please pray for him and the team that is preparing to do training of both men and women in April.

CRM’s construction team works with Calvary Baptist Ministries of Kenya to build churches in areas where our camp teams have worked, people were saved, and churches began meeting under trees, or churches who have outgrown their facility. February 15-March 2, they were able to construct 3 churches in the Suswa and Magadi areas of Kenya.

One of the construction projects was sponsored by a church whose members were walking 5 to 6 miles to come to church and the church leadership wanted to start a new church closer to where they lived. With the advance preparation of John Rampei and his team in Kenya, the materials were waiting for the team’s arrival. In a little over a week, 3-4 churches can be built. The pictures show the various stages involved in the construction.

CRM provides the funding to frame the church and put on a tin roof. The members of the church are responsible for finishing. It was exciting to learn that within just a few days of the team leaving, the members of one church were so excited to have a building, that enough money was raised to finish it out.

God’s work through CRM in reaching the nations and making disciples continues in March with two training workshops. Pastor Raj in India will be training 25 pastors and church leaders on the east coast of India in using the stories in evangelism and discipleship. Andrew Chapuma will be leading a teacher training workshop for 40 teachers in the Mpika area of Zambia. His team will be training them to train other teachers.

All of this amazing work is because of the willingness of so many to go and to give that others may go. Will you pray for us and give as God leads. You may donate online at www.calvaryroadministres.com or by sending your check to CRM, 4100 Fulton Rd., Corryton, TN 37721. Your gift is tax-deductible.

Thank you for allowing God to work through you,

Alan McAlister, President

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