2015 Mission Schedule

2015 Mission Trips Schedule

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January 2-Jan 17(a)
Construction Team – Kenya
John Griffin and Thomas Watson, CHBC, TN

January 17 (b)
Native American Team – NM
Alan McAlister and Daniel Clymer, Native Strategist

January 23 – February 6
Camping Ministry – Kenya
Bill Paul and Doug Ebbs, SHBC, Knoxville, TN

February 18 – March 3
Pastors’ Training – Kenya
Alan McAlister, CBC, NM, with other CRM pastors

May 27 – June 9
Teacher Training – Kenya
Alan and Peggy McAlister, CBC, NM and other partners
Possible add-on trip June 9 – 19 (c)

June 12 – June 27
Camping Team – Kenya
John Metzger and Eddie Allgood, CBC, NC

July 6 – July 17(d)
Storying Vision Trip – *
Alan and Peggy McAlister

July  24 – August 7
Camp/Disciple Teams – Kenya
Bill Paul and Doug Ebbs, SHBC, Knoxville, TN

Possible Medical Team

Note 1:  Unless otherwise indicated, the dates the departure from and return to the USA.  Return tickets will generally be dated one day earlier.
(a) The Construction Team is pending the raising of funds to work on the CRM mission house so that volunteers may stay there.  They will also build a church.  The estimated amount needed is $8,500.
(b) This mission will include four teams based in NM implementing the use of the Story Cloth among Native Americans in four locations in NM.
(c)  We are exploring offering an add-on mission to participants in the teacher training in Kenya, where they will travel to Zambia to teach leaders to use the Story Cloths.
(d)  CRM has been asked by a pastor from India to teach pastors to use Chronological Bible Stories.  We have also been asked to come to China to do the same.  These dates are reserved for these opportunities.



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  1. Rev. peter wachira migwi

    I have been encouraged by what you are doing for the church of Christ in Kenya. May the Lord energize you to do more for the lost.
    I wish to participate in the May animal clinics (I am a para-vet attached at Regional Veterinary Laboratory).
    I also would like to be trained to use the story cloth. I think it is a tool that can reach more people for Christ.
    God bless CRM.

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