April 2020 Update

Prayer Partners and Supporters,

We trust that all of you have continued to stay safe during this unusual set of circumstances created by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While the restrictions on traveling and gathering in groups have certainly changed how we normally do ministry and worship, we trust that all of you are finding opportunities to serve our Lord Jesus by providing help to neighbors, church members in need, and by spending extra time in interceding for front line Gospel workers.

CRM has over the last month provided extra funds to field partners to enable them to provide for their families, and to equip them to also help their less fortunate brethren. Our ability to bless them is possible only because you, our giving and praying partners, continue to give generously.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we continue to post videos to Kelly Eaker’s Face Book page. Each video was made by a CRM partner telling one of the 42 stories found on the first CRM Story Cloth. Kelly and others will also story online for the Venture Church of Dallas, NC beginning in a few days. They will use Zoom as the means for that training event.

Muslims all around the world are now observing the annual feast called Ramadan. This means we especially need to pray for all those in Darfur who have received Jesus as Lord and Savior since CRM enabled Adam and others to return to Darfur to share the Gospel. Many people have responded to their witness. Thousands have heard the Gospel for the first time through some means utilized by them, i.e. showing the Jesus Film, sharing the Word through Bible storying, or by allowing them to listen to the NT loaded on a solar powered MP3 player.

Various ministries produce a prayer guide for Christian intercessors to follow during Ramadan. The one produced by the IMB this year can be accessed at https://www.30daysprayer.com/. If you utilize it you will not only learn how to pray for various Muslim people groups around the world, but also learn much about Islam, thereby enabling you to know how to be a better Gospel witness to people trapped in this false religion.

Here is one testimony we have received from a brother living in Darfur in the last few weeks which I want to share with you. It was written by Dalam and sent to Lori B who is currently based in Rwanda working with a ministry which is supplying food and other forms of help to the poor of that country. Dalam noted Lori’s reports on her FB page and wrote this comment.

“People coming from somewhere helping those whom they never knew. Hmm, this will never happen except through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. The question I asked myself in the beginning of the genocide of Darfur concerned the foreigners who showed up. People came from somewhere and though they were of a different religion, they gave us a place to sleep, food to eat, pure water to drink, health centers and even spared their own lives to protect us. They did this while we were systematically being killed by people who worshiped the same God as us. Even when we called them Kuffar (infidels) they still loved us. I said to myself ‘I need to know why we say these people’s destiny is hell, because if that is so, God is not equal.’ But finally I came to know ‘while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.’ God’s love is sufficient for all.”

The genocide began in Darfur in 2003. Yet Dalam, and most likely many other people of that area of Sudan, continue to remember the love and witness shown to them by Christians who risked all to put the love of Christ on display.

May Dalam’s words stir us to pray for him, Adam, Alamadin, Suad, Mawahib, the 12 students of the CRM sponsored Bible school of Zalengei, Darfur, and all the others who serve alongside them. This is needed more than ever now that they are back in Darfur during Ramadan for the first time in a decade.

Specific Prayer Requests for Brethren in Darfur

  1. Dalam married a lady named Sabila back in March. This was an arranged marriage. She did not know she was marrying a Christian! Adam reports that she constantly reads the New Testament and asks many good questions. Pray that if Sabila is not yet born again that she will soon receive Jesus, and be His witness to her large family.
  2. Sabila’s mother died just a few days after their wedding. There were 7 younger children who were left as orphans due to her death. Adam reports that he and other believers are caring for them until Dalam and Sabila have established a firm foundation for their marriage and home. Pray that these children will come to Christ. Pray that our Lord will bless the believers with enough food and resources to care for these children.
  3. Many new believers there in Darfur will not feel comfortable participating in Ramadan with their families and friends. This may lead to their being ostracized and cut off from their normal supply of food. Pray that believers will generously share what they have with any and all who suffer as they take a stand for Jesus and the Gospel.
  4. Sudan is currently experiencing extreme shortages of fuel and certain normal food items. Prices for all food items have more than doubled. Pray that our Lord will richly supply His children with what they need to share with one another, and with those outside of their community.
  5. Pray that the Lord Jesus will reveal Himself to those who have seen the Jesus Film, heard the Bible stories of the first Story Cloth, or listened to the NT via an MP3 player. Muslims of Darfur may be even more open during Ramadan. Below I have included a picture of Hadia who recently received Jesus, and like Sabila, is constantly reading the NT. Adam reported that he was given some NTs in Arabic when he passed through Khartoum last January.
  6. Pray for the families of Alamadin and Adam who remain in Uganda on refugee status. I have included a picture of Alamadin with his wife and one of his children. The other picture is of Adam’s father, Harun. Pray he will remain a faithful witness for Jesus in the IDP camp during Ramadan.

Thank you ahead of time for including these prayer requests in your daily prayers. If the Lord would lead you to give to enable CRM to continue supporting its field partners during these trying times, know that you can mail a check to the address found below, or donate online at our website.

For His glory,

David Crane

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