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  1. Mr and Mrs. Frank and Joanna Liguz

    When we came to Central Baptist, We heard you speak of the Arizona Indians and how we can minister to them by mission trips…Would like to know more about that. We had gone on a vacation in 2007 and loved the west, (Navaho Indians) we didn’t know how to get in touch with anyone, so we could help them…Please let us know,,Dustin gave us this page,and we will pursue this more thru them as well. Any information would be helpful. Thank you, Frank and Joanna Liguz

  2. john – i heard you speak at sevier heights a few years back – paul cowley spoke today at calvary chapel knoxville and will be in knoxville for the rest of today but going back to new jersey i think in the morning. he will be in the usa for 12 more days. given that your ministry with the story cloth was primarily focused in kenya with the massai people, i wanted to let you know about his work in the Lord in nairobi kenya in the kibera and mathera slum areas as linked here on their site —— i thought that since they were in town for another day and in the usa for 12 more days that you might want to coordinate possible future ministry plans with them using the story cloth. i really believe this could be greatly beneficial. as i was talking with paul after the sermon today, he mentioned that they have massai people in their ministry in some capacity if i recall correctly. here’s his contact info with phone and email —
    Disciple Support Ministries
    PO Box 35204
    Panama City, FL 32412
    Phone: 561-901-3590 —— phone number for USA – Paul is in the USA for 12 more days I think and is in Knoxville through Sunday and can be reached at this phone number and email
    Their contact page via their website is here –

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