CRM Update – August 2015

Crm logoGod continues His amazing blessings on
His ministries through CRM

Thank you for helping to make this year an incredible year for CRM. Consider the following blessings we experienced so far in 2015:

    • The Mission house was remodeled in Kenya and another church built by our construction team from Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church in TN. Volunteer stayed in it in June!
    • 200 teachers were trained to train teachers to use the storycloth in classrooms in Kenya and Zambia by teams from partnering churches in NC, TN, and NM.
    • 125 men were led to Christ through our cow vaccination clinics.
    • Over 100 pastors were given training in using both storycloth 1 and the story cloth on Acts in discipling others in Kenya and Zambia.
    • 908 Maasai were led to Christ using the storycloth in June -July by the co-ed bush camping team from Central Baptist Church, NC.
    • Aug2015-FBush teams from Sevier Heights Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN, saw 1,190 people pray to receive Christ in Jan-Feb, and 1120 Maasai in Kenya and 101 from Tanzania came to faith in Christ as the stories were shared by this bush camping team this last month.
    • Story Cloth Ministries were launched among Native Americans in New Mexico, in East Asia and Mexico through CRM.

Acts SCThe lives of thousands of people were changed by the teams sharing the “stories” of Jesus because of your generous and faithful support of Calvary Road Ministries. And the potential of seeing God bless His work through CRM in 2016 is great.

Here is where we will be working:

Aug2015-ETraining pastors in India, more missionaries equipped to use the stories in their ministry in East Asia, completion of the Mandarin, Spanish, and Bemba (Zambia) language versions of the story cloth, more teachers and church leaders discipled and trained to use the story cloth in Kenya and Zambia, launching the work of CRM teams among Native Americans, utilizing another cow vaccination clinic to reach Maasai men in Kenya, continued ministry of Bush Camping Teams along the border of Kenya and Tanzania, with one of the three bush teams potentially working in Tanzania. (See the CRM’S Updated Mission Schedule for 2016.)

Aug2015-BHere is what you can pray about:

  • Going on mission with one of our teams in 2016. Email me at, Jack Winslow at or Blaine Anderson at
  • Giving so that others can go.
  • Aug2015-CHelping us reach our goal of buying 100 goats for each of the hardest hit drought stricken areas of Kenya. All we lack is another $900 and we will have the $9000 needed. Praise the Lord for those who gave.
  • Aug2015-DPraying that God will lead His people to give $75,000 toward the purchase of a newer vehicle, especially as we begin our work in Tanzania. We have been using a 1998 land cruiser for our bush camping teams. After 17 years of service, it is costing more to maintain and repair than it is worth
  • Donating toward our story cloth fund so that we can continue to supply teams with both the original story cloth and the new one on Acts to our ministries around the world.
  • Asking God’s blessings and provisions for Blaine Anderson, our regional director in Tennessee, and Jack Winslow, our regional director in NC., Delores Anderson, CRM’s treasurer, John and Jackie Rampei, as they work to facilitate teams in Kenya and Tanzania, James and Jill, doing work on behalf of CRM in East Asia, Pastor Raj, who is coordinating work in India, Daniel and Denise Clymer, leading our work among Native Americans and Mayans in Mexico, Andrew Chapuma, our coordinator in Zambia, all of our state-side team leaders, and the CRM Board of Directors as we seek to lead the ministry. Our next meeting is September 17, 2015.


Thank you for praying, giving, and going until Jesus comes again. Grateful to be partnering with you in God’s amazing work through CRM,

Calvary Road Ministries
4100 Fulton Rd.
Corryton, TN 37721

Aug2015-AOh, by the way, God blessed us in August with Ryan, our Godly son-in-law. Praise the Lord! John Rampei tells me that Ryan would have had to pay 30 cows for Rebekah had they been married in Maasai land! That may have been why they chose to be married in Colorado.

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