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Jesus directed us to use the resources of this life to “…store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;” (Mt 6:20 NAS95).  The only way to store treasure in heaven is by introducing people to Jesus, the only One Who can give them eternal life in heaven.  God is working through Calvary Road Ministries to do exactly that. Through your investment in CRM’s missions and ministries, we are seeing literally 1000’s each year come to faith in Christ and then discipled to be His followers. Using the Storycloths, we are equipping ministry leaders around the world to take the stories to many different people groups.   Most who invest expect some sort of return on their investment.  Following is what God is doing through your prayers, giving, and going this year:

In our previous report we shared how in January of this year, Dr. Randy Mann of partnering church Central Baptist Church, Henderson, NC, trained over 100 pastors and leaders in India to use the stories in evangelism and discipleship. The Evangelism Camping Team from Sevier Heights saw 696 come to Christ in January. Our Construction Team from Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN, was able to build three churches in Kenya in early February.  Here is the report for the summer:

Kenya TeamTeachersIn June a team of 21 volunteers made up from seven churches went to Kenya to teach teachers how to use the stories to teach the Bible in their classrooms and how to use them to help teach vocabulary, math and science. Missionaries David and Renee Crane joined us in training over 150 teachers in one week.  

Clinic evangelismDuring our week there, five members of the team led 55 men to Christ by sharing the stories during Cow Vaccination Clinics.  For years, we have been trying to reach the men, but often they are out in the bush with their cattle. This strategy brings them to us.

LuncheonOne of the highlights of this trip was being invited to join the District Education Officer, Josiah, and members of his team for a goat roasting luncheon. We really enjoyed the fellowship and visiting with him about his ideas of how the Storycloth will be used in the future in the schools of the Narok District, and even in all of Kenya.

David in LusakaPeggy in LusakaDavid Crane, Peggy, and I spent an additional week in Zambia training over 75 church leaders in Lusaka, the capital city, to use the stories in evangelism and discipleship. It was wonderful to work with David again.  Peggy helped teach the stories and did an awesome job in modeling how to use music to teach.  

Alan Preaching in LusakaI had the joy of preaching both services on Sunday morning at the Tabernacle of David church.




CBC, Henderson TeamNC Camping team membersThe next team was the Coed Evangelism Camping team from Central Baptist Church in Henderson, NC, who went to Kenya in July.  As they went out daily into the bush of Kenya near the Tanzanian border, God blessed them with 2137 people coming to Christ as HIStory was shared using the Storycloth!

Olderkesi3 DEcam 019The incredible summer of missions concluded with the second Evangelism Camping Team from Sevier Heights Baptist Church going on July 28-August 11.  They were joined by our very first Coed Discipleship Camping Team, also from Sevier Heights. Our Lord worked through this Evangelism Team to bring 1942 souls to Christ.  


Co Ed Discipleship TeamThe Discipleship Team used the Storycloths with 142 of those who had prayed to receive Christ on previous mission trips to teach them to grow in Christ.  They also had the joy of seeing another 231 pray to receive Christ during their time in the bush.


What amazing blessings God is graciously granting to those involved in His ministries through Calvary Road.  This year alone, there have been 5079 profess Christ as their Savior through the sharing of HIStory on the Storycloths.  Another 325 people have been discipled or trained in using the Storycloths in evangelism and discipleship.  There have been three churches built this year in the bush of Kenya.   WHAT A RETURN ON THE INVESTMENT OF THOSE WHO SUPPORT CALVARY ROAD MINISTRIES.  Thank you for your support of God’s work through CRM.  The result of these ministries is why Peggy and I sensed God leading us not only to support our church through our tithes and offerings, but also to give regularly to Calvary Road.  It is one of the best ways we know of to lay up treasures in heaven.   

worldreachingWe are both planning to retire next year and are looking forward to focusing even more on serving our Lord through Calvary Road Ministries.  As we retire from Central Baptist in Clovis, New Mexico, we appreciate even more their generosity in supporting us in our mission work and the Storycloth ministries over the last ten years. Will you join us in praying that our Lord will be pleased to provide the resources for us to stay active in serving Him through Calvary Road?  Will you pray that God will provide through His people the resources for CRM to accommodate the ever-growing demand for teams, Storycloths, and teaching materials around the world?  As God leads you to give, I can assure you that many will be reached with the gospel and equipped to reach others.  You will have one of the greatest returns on your mission giving that I know of anywhere.  You will be laying up treasure in heaven! You can send your tax deductible gift to:

Calvary Road Ministries,
4100 Fulton Rd.,
Corryton, TN  37721

Seeking His Face, Sharing His Grace (Psalm 67:1-2)

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