Exciting Story Cloth News!

Calvary Road Ministries

   A partnership of churches around the nation using chronological Bible stories to reach people around the world


Equipping others to share HIS stories with the nations!

We are excited to announce that the story summaries are now available in the following languages:

1. Spanish
2. French (focus on the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
3. Mandarin
4. Bemba (Zambia)

On the following page, you will find information about the translators. They worked faithfully over several years on this project. Please thank the Lord for them and pray for them. CRM will also be working toward translations for the Story Cloth in other languages, as well as providing translations for the Acts Story Cloth. The Translations are on www.calvaryroadministries.com (Enter the “Translations” tab. It will take you to the site www.historycloth.com where you will find the translations under the “downloads/translations” tab.) By the way, are you familiar with all that is available to you to download? On the Calvary Road Ministries website, you will find:

Ministry Resources”
These are the items you can download:

Story Cloth 1 (Genesis-Gospels)
Story Cloth 1 Summaries
The Path to Redemption (A resource for understanding God’s plan through the ages)

Acts Story Cloth
Acts Story Cloth Summaries
Acts Teachers Manual

Mentoring & Discipling with the Stories (From “Disciple Shift” by Jim Putman and Bobby Harrington)
Mentoring/Discipling with the Stories
The Disciples Wheel
Four Spheres for Discipling

“Teaching Resources
These items are used in schools overseas to teach the Bible!

Items include Story Summaries, Lesson plans, Music sets, and coloring sheets.

All of these resources are made possible by your faithful support of CRM. Will you pray about giving so we can continue going to the nations with HIStory? You may give by sending a check to the address below or by going to our website and giving to our “budget fund.” When you give, we go!

Seeking His Face, Sharing His Grace (Psalm 67:-1-2)


4100 Fulton Rd, Corryton, TN   37721




The Story Cloth Summaries now available in multiple languages

Go to www.calvaryroadministries.com – “Translations” to download

We are grateful for those who worked so faithfully on this project.

Dan and Kathy Rupp:
Translators of Spanish


Agnes Grimonpont:
Translator of French-DRC


Andrew Chapuma – Elijah Kalumba:
Translators of Bemba – Zambia


Annie Abraham:
Translator of Mandarin

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