February 2020 Newsletter


CRM Prayer Partners and Supporters,

     CRM sponsored teams have experienced the blessing and protection of the Lord during the months of January and February, and we want to report how God has answered your prayers and blessed your generous support.

     Between the dates of January 22 and February 6, a camping team of Sevier Heights Baptist Church members served the Lord doing evangelism in Kenya utilizing the first CRM produced Story Cloth.  Their Maasai on-the-ground partners are leaders of the Calvary Baptist Convention.  The short rainy season of Kenya normally ends in December.  However, this year the rains have continued unabated, forcing this team to change its plans accordingly.  However, the muddy roads did not prevent them from being faithful to walk through every door the Lord opened.

     As a result of their faithfulness and perseverance, 1,283 people prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Of that number, 670 were male adults and youth, and 613 female adults and youth.  The two eldest age sets were represented among the males: 10 Eseuri and 3 Ilnyankusi.  While the mud prevented the team from doing the amount of boma (homestead) to boma evangelism as originally planned, they were able to do a lot of sharing out in public places and in schools.

     Each member of this team typed up a short statement about what they experienced on this trip.  The following was prepared by Bill Jones.     “We did the usual introduction and then I started with the presentation of the story of the Good News. Even then I realized there was an attentiveness that somehow was different, and maybe more intense. After I finished and gave the invitation, the joy and excitement in this man’s eyes were remarkable. John and the man talked and talked and talked. I was beginning to wonder what all the hoopla was about because they were speaking so loudly and with so much animation. Then John turned to me and said this man had seen us earlier in the morning and asked someone ‘what are these people doing here?’ He was told ‘they are bringing the word of God to the community.’ He immediately ran back to his Boma and began to wait for us because he had a dream that night that some people were going to come to bring the word of God to his family. He was fully expecting that dream to come true, even though several hours had passed, and we were completely out of sight. But yet, he sat under that tree and waited.”

     What joy it brings to read of how our Lord prepared this Maasai man and his family to hear the Good News, even as almost 2,000 years ago He sent an angel to prepare Cornelius and his household, Acts 10.  By the way, the team gave their report this headline “From Camp Lottawatta,” reflecting the rainy conditions in which they lived and worked. 

     The Salem Baptist Church of Knoxville sent their first-ever construction team to build a roof for Maasai Baptists in Kenya.  Our thanks go out to the leadership and members of Salem for their generous support of this project and we trust this team is just the first of many to come. 

     The Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church of Knoxville currently has a team on the ground in Kenya.  After building one church roof there, they will move to Tanzania and build two more roofs.

CRM Work Among Refugees

The above two pictures are of the same Sudanese man who is over 70 years of age.  His home is in an IDP camp located in Darfur, Sudan.  The picture of him holding an MP3 player while listening to the NT in Sudanese Arabic was made last year.  The picture of him holding an Acts Story Cloth, while being taught the stories, was made only recently.  His son, whom CRM enabled to return home from Uganda so he can reach his people for Jesus, gave him both the MP3 player and the cloth.  This man’s story is inspiring and a testimony to the effectiveness of CRM’s strategy of providing on-the-ground Story Cloth training events, and scriptural resources in digital format.  While this man only heard the Gospel for the first time in May 2019, he is already taking a strong stand for Christ, despite the pressures and dangers involved.

     Before he heard the Gospel and began to follow Jesus, his home was the place people gathered for Islamic prayers.  As his son told me, “my dad is a respected leader in his community.  Now that he is following Jesus, his home is the place residents of the IDP camp gather to hear the Bible taught, and to offer prayers to God in the name of Jesus.”  Resistance followed, and for some time people pushed for him to be removed from the camp.  However, the Lord intervened, and he continues to live in his home and use it for Gospel outreach.  He recently told his son, who is a fine Bible teacher, “I no longer send people to you.  I tell them to come to me with their questions.  I can now reach them better than you.”  His next goal is to learn how to use one of the CRM provided projectors so he can show the Jesus Project films.   What a challenge his excitement and willingness should be to each of us!

    David and two other brothers will leave for Sudan on March 17.  Please be in prayer for them as they finalize all the logistics connected to this amazing plan of training Sudanese believers on their home soil.  They will carry in many scripture resources, so be sure to especially pray for them on March 18, arrival day.  Pray all their luggage will arrive on time and intact, and that all will go well at Immigration and Customs. 

     Recently, the decision was made to move the April training from Juba, South Sudan to a venue in Uganda.  The ongoing security concerns related to Juba made this change necessary.  God has pulled together an excellent team for this event, and all the logistics are falling into place smoothly.  CRM will pay to transport by bus South Sudanese between Juba and the Ugandan venue.  Some of them will first have to fly into Juba from where they live in UN run IDP camps located in the far north of S. Sudan, i.e. in Bentiu and Malakal, two of the areas which experienced the war’s worst atrocities.  Please pray that if the Lord wants Ingessana MBBs to attend this event, that He will open an affordable way for us to fly them between where they live in the Maban Refugee Camps and Juba. 

     When you next visit CRM’s website, www.calvaryroadministries.com, under the “Updates” tab you will note there is a new option “Refugee-Sudan Ministry.”  To gain access to the updates posted there you will need this password “2020CRMrefugee.”  We password protected our newsletters which deal with our work among Sudanese to protect the believers, since we have included their real names and pictures. 

     Please receive our thanks for your prayers and giving.  We still need sponsors for our two upcoming training events at $170 per person.  Such sponsorship gifts enable us to pay for the transport, food and lodging of those we will train.  You can send in a check, made out to CRM, to, 4100 Fulton Road, Corryton, TN  37721.  Donations can also be made on CRM’s website.  Just choose the “Donate” tab, select “Giving for Going” and then on the Clover Give site “Sponsor a Sudanese Believer…” 

David Crane

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