Giving And Going While It Is Still Day

Dear CRM Partners,

As we consider all that is happening in our nation and world, there is no doubt that “night is coming.” However, there is also no doubt that there are incredible opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ while it is still day. God has provided CRM with abundant opportunities to do exactly that. With the political unrest in Central Africa, refugees are responding as never before. Even though there is a high level of resistance in Asia, doors are open for believers to use the chronological Bible stories in reaching people and teaching them to be followers of Christ.

There continues to be a wonderful harvest of souls deep in the bush of Kenya and Tanzania as our teams use the Evangelism/Discipleship camping strategy to go and share with people who have seldom heard a clear presentation of the gospel. Spiritual leaders are being trained to use the stories in Asia and Africa. School teachers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia are being trained to use the Story Cloths in their classrooms.

The only thing that is needed to work while it is day is your support. CRM has implemented a campaign called “WHILE IT IS STILL DAY.” Our goal is to raise $100,000 to fund our ministries and missions in Africa and Asia. What is given will be used for our ministry in Central East Africa, and will fund CRM’s work in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, and Asia through the end of the year. The details are on the next page.

Will you pray about giving so we can go and make disciples of the nations? When giving by check, be sure to put “While it is Day” in the memo line. If giving online, be sure to check the “While it is Still Day” designation before submitting it. We praise God for all He is doing through your prayers and support.


David Crane,


Calvary Road Ministries, 4100 Fulton Rd, Corryton, TN 37721

Please pray about helping us raise funds for “WHILE IT IS STILL DAY.” Our goal is $100,000 to fund our ministries and missions in Africa and Asia through the end of the year. What is given will be used for David and Renee Crane’s ministry in Central/East Africa, and to fund CRM’s work in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, and Asia for the rest of 2019. Here are details of how the funds will be used:

1. $17,400 – Travel expenses for missions in N.E. South Sudan and Northern Uganda to work with the leadership and refugee believers, including those in Aura. Included are costs of forming partnerships and developing strategies for reaching refugees including utilizing sports ministries. David also plans to meet with Maasai leaders in Kenya to plan CRM’s work for the future. This includes his expenses for traveling to Uganda, South Sudan and to Kenya, as well as some travel expenses for South Sudanese leaders. It also includes some in-country expenses for a team.

2. $ 5000 to purchase 50 solar powered MP3 players, two video projectors to show the Jesus film in Arabic in refugee camps, and 2 Light Stream devices for the Maban camp in South Sudan.

3. $14,000 for the Kakuma refugee camp Bible School for 6 months, building a Bible school -community center in either the Rhino camp in Uganda or possibly in Dar Fur, and providing scholarships for 10 S Sudanese students to Uganda Baptist Seminary (includes 8 mo. expenses.)

4. $22,000 for monthly support and health benefits for the Cranes for the remainder of 2019.

5. $10,000 – Training spiritual leaders in India and teachers in Zambia to use the stories.

6. $10,000 – For travel/in-country expenses for the Pastor/Wife workshop for leaders in East Africa, training teachers to use the stories in classrooms, and travel associated with the Board meeting in October.

7. $ 7,500 – Providing Story Cloths and shipping costs for CRM’s missions in Africa and Asia.

8. $ 6,600 for support for the remainder of the year for leaders in each country who prepare for teams, facilitate volunteer missions, and lead nationals who have been trained in their ministries.

9. $ 5,500 – Supplementing CRM team leaders travel expenses, costs associated with team preparation and training, and the supplies needed, including Story Cloths, for participants.

10. $ 2,000 – Administrative costs for CRM; includes office supplies, banking and accounting fees.

Calvary Road Ministries, 4100 Fulton Rd, Corryton, TN 37721

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