Giving And Going While It Is Still Day

Dear CRM Partners,

Last year the leadership of CRM rolled out the “While It Is Still Day” fund raising initiative. This phrase, uttered by the Lord Jesus as recorded in John 9:4, emphasizes the reality that each person has only a limited number of days to “work the works of God.”

CRM’s donors responded generously, thereby enabling CRM to fund the goals and strategies set as priorities for that year. Because those goals were met, thousands of people responded in faith to the gospel message as CRM sponsored evangelism teams ministered in Maasai-land. Pastors and church leaders were equipped to be better evangelists and disciple makers as CRM teams and field partners led Story Cloth training events. The CRM teams which worked in South Sudan and Uganda carried out a large quantity of Story Cloths, and scripture resources in digital format. Certain national church leaders were enabled to return to their strife torn area of Darfur, where they have started the only Bible school which exists in that land. They carried with them some of the scripture resources, and because they have faithfully utilized them, over 10,000 Sudanese M*slims have heard the gospel for the first time since their arrival. Thousands of refugees living in camps located in northern Uganda also received a gospel witness through a CRM sponsored soccer tournament.

In 2019 no one knew the Covid-19 pandemic would wreak havoc around the world. It has limited the number of short-term teams which CRM will be able to sponsor in 2020. However, because of your past generous giving to CRM, our field partners have been better equipped and prepared to make the most of every opportunity our Lord grants them to share Christ, “the light of the world,” during this unusual time.

In the months which remain to us in 2020, CRM desires to continue empowering its field partners. We remain hopeful we will be able to sponsor short term teams later in the year. We certainly can continue supporting our frontline partners who are most willingly and sacrificially paying a high price to take Christ’s light to areas long controlled by the forces of darkness.

Below you will find the details connected to CRM’s projected budget needs for the remainder of 2020. Your giving to “While It Is Still Day” will enable us to fund all ongoing expenses and projected ministry opportunities.

Your giving and prayers can enable CRM once again to empower and equip its field partners in a manner that will position them to be ready for both the expected, and unexpected, challenges which life and ministry in this sin stained world present.

David Crane


Calvary Road Ministries, 4100 Fulton Rd, Corryton, TN 37721

Please pray about helping us raise funds for “WHILE IT IS STILL DAY.”

CRM’s Projected Budget Needs 2020

  1. $30,000 – Construction of a center in Darfur. The land and facility will be registered in the name of the faith-based organization registered with the government last year by our field partners. The center will contain a Bible school and primary school, and buildings to facilitate holistic ministries. This provision will help lay a solid foundation for the development of gospel centered strategies in this war torn, suffering part of the world.
  2. $9,200 – Monthly support of field partners in Africa and India. This support will prove even more vital during 2020, as prices of food and other commodities have more than doubled in most developing nations.
  3. $7,000 – Three sessions of the Darfur Bible school. The students meet for 2 months per session and take a month off in between. Currently the school meets in a rented house. They live in the house full time during each session.
  4. $7,500 – Story Cloth training sessions led by field partners in India and Zambia.
  5. $3,600 – Supplement the expenses of CRM sponsored short term team leaders.
  6. $8,000 – Purchase of Story Cloths needed to build up CRM’s inventory and scripture resources in digital format.
  7. $22,500 – Crane’s monthly support and health insurance (HSA)
  8. $13,000 – Fund two field-based Story Cloth training sessions led by short term teams. The expenses included cover the transportation, food and lodging of participants, as well as some expenses of the USA team members.
  9. $2,000 – Scholarship for South Sudanese students attending Uganda Baptist Seminary
  10. $5,000 – Administrative costs which include: CPA, website, postage, supplies, etc.
    Total = $107,800

Calvary Road Ministries, 4100 Fulton Rd, Corryton, TN 37721

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