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January 25, 2017


John Wesley said, “Untold Millions Are Still Untold.”   I am so grateful to be part of a ministry that by God’s grace and provision seeks to reach those who have never been told the gospel, or who having been told, still need to respond.  I am also grateful for those who pray, who go, and who give to make it possible for others to go.

During my recent trip to Kenya and Tanzania, John Rampei, Tom Maripet, and I met for three days during which we established some priorities for our work in Africa. We made some exciting plans to reach the “untold” of Kenya and Tanzania.  They are as follows:

  • Bush Evangelism (keeping the priority on the “untold”)
  • Discipleship – sending in Maasai leaders behind our bush evangelism teams to disciple new believers and equip other leaders.
  • Leadership Development – The Calvary Baptist Ministries of Kenya is already conducting monthly training events for their leadership.  They would like to have periodic seminars led by volunteers to assist them, as well as occasional pastor/pastor wife training for leaders.
  • Teaching School Teachers to use the stories in their classes – We discussed doing one more workshop in the Narok District of Kenya equipping lead teachers and administrators to teach other teachers how to use the stories in their work.  We will then move volunteer teams to the next district, Kajiado, in 2018. It also looks like we may be able to print the cloths and material needed in Nairobi.
  • Cow Clinics – an excellent tool for reaching Maasai men who are always on the move
  • Medical/Dental Clinics – A way to share the stories while people are waiting
  • Sending Maasai leaders as volunteer missionaries to join CRM volunteer teams in other countries in Africa like Zambia, Uganda, and Tanzania.

John, Tom, David Crane and I spent three days in Tanzania during which we worked out the strategy for sending the Bush Evangelism and the Discipleship Teams there in 2017 and expanding the work in 2018.  We developed relationships with Maasai leaders in the vicinity of Longido, Tanzania, with whom we will work as we move into Tanzania this summer.  It was also good to finally meet Adrian Maarschalk of A.C.T.S., Tanzania.  He will help us with transportation, camping, hotels, and Game Parks in Tanzania. David and Renee Crane left Kenya to do work in Uganda.  The stories there are especially effective among the refugees from S. Sudan.

While I was in Africa, I received news about how the Storycloth work is advancing in India and China, as well as among the Native Americans in New Mexico.  Pray for the Native American Storycloth Workshop March 17-18 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  A CRM team will be training around 60 Native American leaders to use the stories in Evangelism and Discipleship.

Please keep all of this in prayer.  A prayer list follows.  While you are praying, will you ask God where He wants you to go and what He wants you to give so that others may go? If you will, we will see more “untold” told.  

Seeking His Face, Sharing His Grace (Psalm 67:1-2)

Alan McAlister

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  • God’s provisions and blessings on His work through CRM.  Thank Him for blessing us last year with over 5000 salvations and hundreds of Pastors and Teachers trained to use the Storycloth.
  • That God will be glorified in sending rain to relieve the drought in Kenya and Tanzania. Pray that our partnering churches will give generously to buy goats to help needy families recover.
  • The Pastor/Leader Storycloth training taking place in India as of this date. Resources for another training workshop in the fall.
  • A meeting with our missionaries from China next week
  • The printing of the Story Cloth, Summaries, and hand-outs in Kenya and India
  • The Evangelism and Construction teams going to Kenya this month and next
  • The teams going in June to conduct the Cow Clinic and to teach leading teachers in Narok, Kenya to teach other teachers how to use this tool
  • The opportunities in Tanzania and the work in Uganda, S. Sudan, Zambia, and East Asia
  • The programmers updating HIStorycloth.com, including the addition of several translations
  • Pray that God will be pleased to provide for the needs of all these ministries and those whom He has called to be His servants.


We are asking God to provide the following:

  • Donations to “BUY A GOAT, SAVE LIVES.” Every $35 given will buy a goat.  We are praying for $8,000 to help families start over after the drought. Goats will be distributed by the pastors of churches.  Each family receiving goats will help another family as their flock grows.
  • An estimated $7,500 for printing the Story Cloths and teacher hand-outs in Nairobi so that we can supply teachers in Narok and Kajiado Districts with the Storycloths and teaching materials.
  • The funds to host another teacher training in Kenya this year ($2,500).
  • $7,500 to purchase vaccinations for the Cow Clinic in June. Hundreds have prayed to receive Christ through this strategy.
  • The expenses for a pastor/pastor wife conference this year for leaders and spouses.  The total for the two-day, two-night conference including room, meals, and transportation will be $3,000.
  • We are starting to invest more and more money in the maintenance and repair of our vehicle in Kenya.  A 2009 model has been located with relative low mileage for $55,000.
  • Finally, Peggy and I have always appreciated the support for our missions work by the churches we have served. Having retired, we are willing to continue to go as God provides.  If God is leading you to help, your donations to Calvary Road Ministries may be designated to “The McAlisters’ Missions Fund.”


Whether going, giving so others can go, or praying for those who do, thank you for helping Calvary Road Ministries tell the “untold” the story of God’s love for the nations in sending His Son to save them.  Above everything else, please pray for us.

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