June – July 2017 Update


I wanted to update you briefly on what has been happening in June and July. As we were getting ready to depart for Kenya on June 1, I received a message from my father that he thought I should make plans not to go. My mother had been declining in health for several months and was on hospice care. They had informed the family that they didn’t think it would be long before she passed. We made arrangements for our teams to be covered and cancelled our flights. My mother, Dorothy, went to be with the Savior two days later. We will miss her, but are grateful that she is no longer suffering and that she is in Eternity with Jesus. Our Kenya team went on to do two missions.

A Cow Clinic team shared the stories as men were waiting for cows to be vaccinated. These Maasai have been difficult to reach as they are always traveling to find water and grass for their cattle. With the cow clinics, they come to us. This year, our team vaccinated 9,300 head of cattle with 64 professing faith in Christ! We are grateful to John Williams, our veterinarian, and Billy Rucker and Chris Anderson for their work.

As you may know, the Educational Officer of the Narok District has given us permission to teach the teachers in this area to use the stories in their class rooms, both to teach the Bible and to help the children learn reading, vocabulary, spelling, math and science using stories most of them are already familiar with. We have been doing this in the Narok district for several years now, and so this year our strategy was to turn the work over to lead teachers in this district.

Retired teachers, Wayne and Marlene Anderson, equipped 12 lead teachers to do the training in their district. At the end of this three-day equipping process, 24 new teachers were invited to attend the workshop led entirely by the lead teachers. With the work now in the hands of these lead teachers, we are ready to go to the next district. Can you imagine the thousands of children that may come to Christ and grow in Christ through this process?

None of this would have been possible without the organization and leadership of John Rampei, President of Calvary Baptist Missions of Kenya. It would also not have been possible without your faithful prayers and support of CRM. Please be in prayer for our team in Tanzania who are doing camp evangelism. In the first three days, over 650 Maasai came to Christ through the sharing of the Stories. This evangelism mission will be followed by a Discipleship Team in August. Be looking for more information on how God is blessing HIStory in Tanzania and opportunities in Zambia and India. Thank you again for all you allow God to do through you in His work through CRM.

Alan McAlister

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