March 2020 Update

Prayer Partners and Supporters,

During this time of uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is natural for followers of Jesus to turn to the Bible for guidance and comfort. Psalm 91 contains many precious promises for God’s children. Verses 1-3 read “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” For He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.”

While Renee and I, along with CRM short term team members, are certainly trusting the Lord for protection during this time, we have also felt it prudent to postpone the two field based events we had planned for months. The March event was planned for Sudan and the April event for Uganda.

Last Thursday the WHO declared that the outbreak had reached the “pandemic” level, and that declaration led to a series of events which gave us reason to reschedule. In the case of Uganda, their Ministry of Health immediately grouped the USA into the same category of the most affected countries, i.e. China and Italy, which meant anyone arriving from the USA would immediately be placed in isolation for 14 days. Sudan has not yet, as far as we know, taken such a step. However, we could not be certain whether we would be asked to do 14 days of isolation upon returning to the USA, or not. None of the three of us involved in that trip could afford committing that much time.

Therefore we ask you, our larger CRM family, to pray for us as we seek God’s wisdom and guidance for rescheduling these events. I, David, had already received a large supply of scriptural resources in digital format, so it hurts to see them sitting unused when we know that once they are placed in the right hands, they will immediately begin to bear fruit for the Kingdom.

Good News From CRM Field Partners

The school you, our CRM partners, enabled us to start in Darfur, Sudan, completed its latest two month semester at the end of February. Part of the student’s weekly routine is to do evangelism in the large town where this school is located. The reports of the students and school’s leaders is that many Muslim men and women are now considering the claims of Jesus upon their lives. Many have already confessed Him as Lord and Savior, forcing both students and teachers to start many discipleship groups.

After the school closed, Adam and his associates took the opportunity to travel around Darfur to visit believers in other towns. The reports he gathered were outstanding. Many people have heard the Gospel for the first time through the CRM provided micro SD cards, solar powered MP3 players, and video projectors used to show the Jesus Film Project videos. New preaching points have been started. Here are some of Adam’s own words:

“There are life changing testimonies in every town I visit. People are coming to faith every day. People like the Jesus Film so much and many who watch it accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. The demand for the SD cards is big and those who have received one are using them effectively with their families and friends. In El Fashir alone there are over 50 new believers.”

Adam also related the story of a 65 year old man who is a good friend of his father. Adam’s dad gave his friend an MP3 player so he could listen to the NT in Sudanese Arabic. After listening to it for several days. he came to the house of Adam’s dad to give a report. Adam’s dad was out so the man told Adam, “since I cannot read and write, this device is going to become my best friend in my old age.”

Regarding the use of the CRM produced Story Cloths, Adam wrote on March 4, “We will have a competition next week involving people whom we have been training using the first story cloth. The person who can tell the stories the best will be given 200 Sudanese Pounds (equivalent now of $2). This is to motivate the older ladies as they represent the most illiterate group. We are finding the cloth strategy a very effective means for reaching the %65 of our population which is illiterate.”

So while the world is going on lock-down and limiting travel and other activities, the Word of God is not hindered and is spreading rapidly in an area of the world dominated by Islam for many centuries. You who give faithfully to CRM’s ministries, and who pray for us as we plan strategies and send short term teams, should find great encouragement and cause for rejoicing over how God is blessing your obedience to His Great Commission.

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray that the Lord will speak to all involved about setting new dates for the cancelled trips.
  2. Pray the Lord will enable us to get the money Pastor Raj of India needs to carry out a training event in early April. We had high hopes sending him funds via MoneyGram would simplify things for him, but have recently run into Indian government banking regulations he was not aware of. Live and learn.
  3. Pray the Carona Virus does not makes it way to refugee camps. The impact would be devastating given the lack of health facilities and the state of people’s immune systems.

Thank you for praying and for giving.

David Crane

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