May 2015 Update and Prayer Requests

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It has been raining in Maasai land.  Thank you, Lord! And thank you, partners, for praying.  God has answered prayer.  However, remember that so many suffered for so long through the years of sparse rains.  They have lost Boy-holding-a-kid-goat-1most of their herds. So, one of the best ways we can help them is to provide money to buy goats.  So far, over $2500 has come in; that will buy around 70 goats.  In speaking with John Rampei in Kenya this week, he said what would provide real relief to the most affected in all the areas in Maasai land would be several hundred goats.  It will help these families far more than trying to raise money for food.  The goats provide a source for milk and meat, and as the flocks grow larger, a steady source of income.   Would you pray with me that God would be pleased to touch hearts to give another $5000 to $7000 to buy up to 300 goats?  As God directs, send your tax deductible donations to:   Calvary Road Ministries, 4100 Fulton Rd., Corryton, TN  37721 with “Drought relief” in the memo line.

Our busy summer of Missions has begun.

  1. By the time you receive this, a team of 19 will be on their way to Kenya (May 27-June 8).   Randy Mann, CBC, Henderson, NC and I will be leading a team of 16 from NM and TN to teach dozens of teachers to teach other teachers to use the story cloth in their class rooms.  They will be taught how to use the stories to teach the Bible and how to use stories to teach vocabulary, reading comprehension, math and science.  A team of 3, led by Blaine Anderson, joined by Maasai translators will be vaccinating up to 3000 head of cattle and sharing the stories with the herdsmen while they are waiting.
  2. Five members of this team will be staying another 10 days to travel to Zambia. We will be training another 50 teachers to teach teachers to use the stories in their classrooms, and we will be introducing the Acts Story Cloth to spiritual leaders.  
  3. June 12-27, John Metzger and Eddie Allgood from CBC, Henderson, NC will be leading a bush camping team, sharing the Stories with people who may have never heard or ever had someone come to their area to share the Word of God.
  4. July 22-August 4, a bush camping team of 8 from Sevier Heights Baptist Church in Knoxville, led by Bill Paul, will be in a different area of the bush sharing the gospel.

StoryCloth-300x223Normally, when our bush teams go out, hundreds come to faith in Christ. Can you imagine the potential numbers that can be reached when the stories are shared by the teachers we train to teach teachers to share the stories with children in Maasai land? Over the years, it could easily be in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands. In addition to our work in Kenya and Zambia, we are still working among Native Americans. I just received a request to send a team to work among the Mayan Indians in Mexico. Plans are underway to implement the stories in India and Nepal next year.

Praise the Lord for allowing us to participate in such a major movement of His Spirit in sharing the gospel with so many people through the stories of Jesus on the story cloth.  It is your faithful prayers and support of CRM that He is blessing. Thank you. I look forward to giving an update when we return.

Grateful to be serving Jesus with you,
Alan McAlister

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