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CRM Prayer Requests (Download and Printable Version)

PRAY THAT GOD WILL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE FOR THE NEEDS OF CRM THROUGH FAITHFULNESS OF OUR PARTNERS TO PRAY, GIVE, AND GO. Your giving supports our personnel and resources in Kenya and CRM’s expenses for planning, training, and working with our partner churches. Pray for our state-side team and our Board. They are all volunteers and allow the Lord to do amazing things through them.

PRAY FOR OUR WORK IN KENYA. Pray that God will continue to be gracious to John Rampei and his wife Jackie as they do the work of CRM in Kenya. His work not only includes preparing for teams, but doing the follow-up, discipleship, training leaders, and the work of Calvary Baptist Convention of Kenya and Tanzania. We do anticipate that we will need to replace our vehicle in the very near future. Anyone who has been into the bush with us before knows how vital this vehicle is in scheduling and leading trips and doing the work of the convention. A used one will cost around $40,000; new runs $80,000 US.

PRAY FOR WOMEN’S CONFERENCES IN KENYA. Sid Brewer and her team are hard at work preparing for several women’s conferences in Kenya this June. There will be two held at the Brakenhurst Conference Center and several shorter conferences out in the Bush. During this Conference, I will be teaching Maasai leaders on The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit, after which we will be implementing Story Cloth 2 in Kenya! It is on the book of Acts and focuses on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer and the ministries of the church. Be looking for the teaching material for Story Cloth 2 to be posted on the website soon.

PRAY FOR THE CAMPING TEAM going July 25-August 8, led by John Metzger from CRM partner church, Central Baptist in Henderson, NC, and for Blaine Anderson and John Rampei as they prepare. This will be a co-ed camping team

PRAY FOR OUR WORK IN UGANDA. IMB missionaries, David Crane and Bob Calvert and their teams are using Story Cloths with 1000’s of refugees coming into Uganda as a result of the conflict in South Sudan. Both David and Bob have served among the Maasai of Kenya, where Bob developed the idea of using the Story Cloths. Pray that God will bless the pastors as they share the Story Cloth. We are working on scheduling story telling teams to go to Uganda to assist them.

PRAY FOR OUR WORK IN ZAMBIA. Last summer, we certified over 35 teachers in the Northern Kasama region of Zambia to teach teachers how to use the Story Cloth in their schools. This month several of those teachers, under the leadership of Pastor Andrew Chapuma, are teaching an additional 30 teachers to teach teachers to use the chronological Bible stories in their classrooms. We anticipate taking a team next year to start this process in the next region south.

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  1. might want to add to the PRAYER section: the Teams going into Kenya: June 27-July 11, 2014 (one Bush Camping Team led by Bill Paul, and the other Discipleship led by Blaine Anderson )

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