South India November Workshop

Pastor Raj Leads a CRM Sponsored Workshop
In Narsaraopet, South India
November 5-6

     In Matthew 24:14 the Lord Jesus said, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” 

     One of the world’s least-reached nations is India.  The total population of India is approximately 1.4 billion.  The country has 2,597 people groups.  Basically 1.3 billion of India’s people are living without Christ.  90% of the country’s population are adherents of the Hindu religion.  Evangelical Christians comprise around 2.1% of the population. 

     Clearly, a lot of gospel work remains to be done in India.  CRM is pleased to be in partnership with Pastor Raj of Hyderabad, located in southern India.  Alan McAlister, in the December 2018 CRM Update, gave a summary of how he and his wife, Peggy, met Pastor Raj when on a flight between the USA and London.  I encourage you to read that summary and watch the short video of Raj and his wife, Santi, at this link 

     As Alan elucidated so well in that message, our Lord providentially arranged for the McAlisters to meet Raj and establish a relationship that would develop into a partnership whereby CRM would enable Raj to hold two workshops each year.  In those workshops, Raj teaches Indian believers from various people groups and Christian denominations how to utilize the two CRM produced Story Cloths in their ministries.

    Raj and Santi led their latest workshop in the town of Narsaraopet during the dates of November 5-6.  Twenty-two believers were trained.  They were a mix of pastors and church leaders who carry out various ministries within their local churches.  Some are schoolteachers, while others are businesspeople.  One is an administrator of a local college. 

     Raj reported that all those trained were very excited to learn how to teach others God’s Word using the Story Cloth approach. 

     The pictures were taken during the training.  Pastor Raj sends his heartfelt appreciation to CRM’s donors for making such training events possible. 

     In a country now controlled politically by Hindu fundamentalists who are openly committed to making Hinduism the sole religion of their country, CRM is pleased to have the opportunity to encourage and support godly men and women such as Raj and Santi.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of CRM and for your giving to our various ministries.  We desire to keep the words of our Lord as recorded in Matthew 24:14 uppermost in our planning and strategies, and supporting leaders like Raj is a fine example.

David Crane

President, Calvary Road Ministry

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