Summer Mission Update

GOD HAS A PLAN FOR OUR LIVES; it just may not be what we think it is!


On May 31, our team of 10 departed for Kenya to conduct a teacher training conference and a cow clinic. We had planned to train 60 teachers in using the stories to teach the Bible and to help teach subjects like spelling, math, and science. We also planned for two on our team to join Maasai leaders in vaccinating 8000 cows in a vaccination clinic where we would share the stories.

However, this was not exactly God’s plan. We thought everything was arranged with Education leaders in Kajiado county, Kenya. What we didn’t know is that the Education Department of Kenya decided to reassign the very leaders we were to work with before we arrived. Those replacing them knew little about the strategy.

So, instead of training teachers in a conference setting, we decided to divide our team into two groups and go to schools. That turned out to be exactly what God intended. Schools were called by our Maasai leaders including John Rampei, Tom Ntiaki, Richard Ntenkesi, and George Maati to set up appointments with teachers and opportunities to present to the students. The end result was that rather than training 60 teachers, we trained over 130. While it was not the facilitator training we normally do, these teachers were given the orientation and tools to use the Story Cloth in their classrooms.

We were then given the opportunity to meet with the students in classrooms, often holding over 100 children. By the end of the week, we had shared the stories with over 2,500 children. The teachers and principals understand the power of using the Bible stories in teaching children. The foundation is now in place where we can return in the future and conduct the teacher certification process in Kajiado county.

In our Cow Clinic, we thought we had enough vaccinations for 8000 cows. It turned out that we were able to vaccinate 11,871 and share the stories with many more Maasai than we anticipated!

At the end of the week, our team enjoyed a day of much deserved rest and relaxation at the Amboseli Game Park. God was gracious to give our team a glimpse of His glory as the clouds and haze parted to reveal the snow-capped mountain, Kilimanjaro.

After the team left on Sunday, Peggy and I headed for Zambia on Monday. We had planned to train around 25 lead teachers in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia, but once again, that was not God’s plan. Instead, we trained 30 pastors and spiritual leaders in the use of chronological Bible stories in their ministry. They were also given an orientation to the teacher training strategy, with many of them indicating that they would encourage their teachers to attend the training when we send a Zambian team to this area in the fall. Following the training in Kitwe, Zambia, we returned to the capital city of Lusaka, where we had the joy of worshipping in Lusaka with Bishop Sakala and his wife, Elizabeth. It was a blessing to preach in both services. None of this would have been possible without your prayers and support. We pray that you will experience the joy of participating in God’s plan for your life. Please pray for our teams working in Tanzania this summer.

Alan McAlister, President

Please enjoy these videos from our recent trip to Zambia and Kenya

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