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To: All CRM partners
Ref: A Transition in the leadership of CRM: The Future for CRM is promising

In our last CRM Board meeting in April, I informed the members that I believed the Lord was leading me to pass on the leadership of CRM to someone who lived closer to where the vast majority of partnering churches were located. Most of our partners live in Tennessee and North Carolina. This is where John Shepherd, our founder, cast the original vision for using the Story Cloths in missions. He did this through continual meetings with spiritual leaders and individuals, where he kept them personally informed of all that God was doing. Peggy and I prayed about possibly moving to Tennessee so that we could be nearer to the core of supporters and leaders. However, with my aging father in Louisiana and Peggy’s mother in New Mexico, we were led to a place more centrally located, Abilene, Texas. It has a great regional airport, so we thought we could just add more trips to the two we were making to Knoxville for Board meetings each year. However, the cost of making these trips has a negative impact on the budget. So, in the best interest for the future of CRM, we believe the leadership should transition to someone closer to our partners.

I recommended to the board that David Crane be considered for the position of President. David and I worked together in planting Central Baptist Church in NC in 1986. As many of you know, David and Renee served with the International Mission Board in Central /East Africa from the 90’s until he accepted early retirement a few years ago. David worked among the Maasai of Kenya for years and mobilized literally hundreds of volunteers to be involved, including John Shepherd and myself. He also worked closely with Bob Calvert in the development of the Story Cloth. Since his retirement, he has served with CRM in his continuing work among South Sudanese refugees. I am very pleased to inform you that after he and Renee prayed about it, David has accepted the invitation of the CRM Board of Directors to be the next president. David has asked that his term officially begin after our next Board meeting in October. Between now and then, his position will be “President Elect” of Calvary Road Ministries. Since David lives in NC, he will have greater opportunities to meet with our partners in NC and Tennessee. The Board also decided that CRM is at the point that it can no longer be maintained by volunteer leadership, as has been the case with John Shepherd and myself. David will receive a modest monthly support to help him focus on CRM.

After the October meeting, Peggy and I have agreed to continue serving CRM by focusing on leader development and teacher training. We will also keep the ministry and teaching resources up-to-date on the web site. As our health and funds allow, we will be leading a few teams each year, but hope to build support and participation among churches in the Southwest. Accordingly, I will serve as the “Southwest Regional Director” for CRM.

It is very difficult to put into words the tremendous love and appreciation I have for so many who are so faithful in this incredible ministry. To a person, the Board of Directors have been outstanding to work with. Blaine and Deloris Anderson have been so encouraging and helpful in this ministry. Blaine will continue serving as the Tennessee Regional Director for CRM. I deeply appreciate the dedication and tireless efforts of our team leaders and the volunteers who allow God to do so much through them and for all who give sacrificially and faithfully to make the ministries and missions possible. It has been a joy to see God work to build on the foundation He used John Shepherd to start. Pray for us and for the Cranes. Rest assured of our continued prayers and support. Thank you for the joy of serving with you!

Seeking His Face, Sharing His Grace (Psalm 67:1-2)

Alan and Peggy McAlister

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