An Urgent Call To Help

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An Urgent Call To Help
Giving a little will help many who have little to eat

thanksgiving-mealWe all recently enjoyed a thanksgiving meal with our families.   We thanked God for His abundant blessing and provisions for our lives.  But, have we thought about why God in His Sovereignty has allowed us to be born in this land of plenty?   Perhaps one of His reasons was to have a people through whom He could work to help others who do not have enough to eat, let alone plenty.  That is what our Maasai brethren are facing as they begin a new year.  

drought1The problem began when the long rains in April and May were not long enough and the short rains this fall were minimal.  This means that many in Maasai land are going into the dry season from January to April next year with livestock already stressed or dying.   The result is that they will not have adequate means to feed their families, let alone pay for the basic needs of their lives including the school fees for their children.  That is where we can be used of God to help.  

chapo-and-beans2-600For what we spent for the average thanksgiving meal, several Maasai families could eat for a month.   For every $25 given, enough flour, beans, and oil can be purchased to feed these families.   For every $250 donated, around 30 families could eat for a month. My prayer is that we will be able to help hundreds of families.   

flour-to-the-maasaiThe food will be distributed by pastors to the neediest families in each area.  Please designate your check to “Drought Relief” and mail it to:

Calvary Road Ministries
4100 Fulton Rd
Corryton, TN  37721

CRM is a 501c3, so all donations are tax deductible.

Please join me in praying about what God would like to do through all that He has given us.  We can be assured that the Maasai who are suffering in Kenya will be giving thanksgivings to God for His blessings through us. Let’s keep praying that God will be glorified through sending rain to His people in Kenya and Tanzania.   Be looking for the year-end update from CRM soon.

Seeking His Face, Sharing His grace (Psalm 67:1-2)

Alan McAlister, President

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