Year End Report 2009

Partners to the Maasai,

WOW, what a year we have had.  God has opened every door that we have prayed about for the past five years.  Beginning in January, Calvary Raod Ministries will enter Tanzania in the Serengeti where the bulk of the Maasai live.  This door was opened in ONE HOUR on August 31.  We will have a Bush Camping Team in Tanzania in January and February,2010.

This has been our greatest year since we started working with the Maasai in 1998.

We have seen 1920 Maasai pray to receive Christ and we still have a team in Kenya that will return October 15th.  Some 13 new Story Telling Points have been started that we pray will become churches in the near future.

The Baptist churches that we have helped plant have formed a new association called “Eagle Baptist Association”.


Maasai Praying to receive Christ:  1920 Story Telling Points Started: 13 New Baptist Association of Churches Started: The Eagle Baptist Association  (Narok Region).

CRM fed over 20,000 Maasai during June, 2009 Assisted in feeding over 50,000 in July and September.

2010:  Planning to go into Tanzania in January where the bulk of the Maasai live.  We have been invited by the chiefs of the Maasai in Tanzania to come into their villages and tell them about God’s Son…we are believing God for THOUSANDS of Maasai to come to Christ.

NEEDS: The prayers of you and your people as God “Expands our Tent”. (1 Chronicles 4:10) The financial support to move further into the darkness of Maasai Land where no evangelical presence has been.  According to the chiefs, no evangelical witness has ever been in their area.  Our costs have escalated due to inflation and the devaluation of the US Dollar…about 30% more to operate than a year ago.  Plus the added expense of going further and further into Maasai Land. There are no hotel or places to stay so the only way we can go is to CAMP OUT  in the bush and this costs more than the traditional way of reaching the Maasai in the past.

God has been with us all the way and He and He alone has opened every door and that being the case, He will provide every need that we have as we press on with the Vision He gave us many years ago.   The door is open and we must press forward immediately trusting God to lead, provide, and keep us safe as we go.  I have never been so excited, prayerful, and expecting as I am now.  To God be all the glory and what a way to spend “Retirement”, will be 72 years old my upcoming birthday.

Please remember us in your prayers and keep obeying and believing Him.

A Shepherd Following the Lamb,

President, Calvary Road Ministries

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